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Hey Guys,

Just wanted to inform you all that from now onwards I will Only update my blog on weekends because my study schedule is not allowing me to update it regularly. So please be patient. I will surely get your requests done. Thanks for your support.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Selena Gomez Music Release

Last night Selena attended her record release party at Siren Studios and I added some photos to the gallery. CLICK HERE to view them all.

Note: Please click on the title of the Picture collection to view all of them.

New Taylor Swift Photoshoots

Hi guys, I have added some new photoshoots of Taylor Swift. CLICK HERE to view them. They all are in High Quality.

Note: Please click on the Title of the Post so to view all the pictures. Please feel free to leave comments!

Hi Guys

We have some good news for you all.. We have opened a new gallery- DISNEY DOWNLOAD SOURCE GALLERY(the site is still under construction but please visit it soon) which will be updated regularly... Thanks for ur support..

Click Here for visiting it!!

Thanks to All Your Selena Needs for making this beautiful Banner For Disney Download Source!!

Please visit their site!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hey Guys- New Updates and information

Hey Guys,

Here r some of the updates-

>>Links to Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez Official site,Facebook,Twitter,Youtube Channel and fan club have been added... so be sure to check them out. You will find them on right hand side coloumn of this blog.

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>>We have put up some ads on this site. Please make sure to check them out.All you have to is just to click on them so that we can put more media on this blog and so that your requests are answered very soon. Thanks a lot.

>> We are currently looking for new co-webs. If you want to be our co-web then please do so by writing-"I want to be a co-web of this blog" in chat box 2 along with ur email id. All emails are confidential. So as soon as we know that you want to join us we will send you the mail. You just have to confirm it. That's it.


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Saturday, September 19, 2009

DDS Special: Michael Jackson's Dangerous(Request)


DDS Special: Michael Jackson's Bad(Request)

Track List:

If used then please credit by our full url

DDS Special: Michael Jackson's Thriller(Request)

Track list :
01 "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"
02 "Baby Be Mine"
03 "The Girl Is Mine (Feat. Paul McCartney)"
04 "Thriller (Feat. Vincent Price)"
05 "Beat It (Feat. Eddie Van Halen)"
06 "Billie Jean"
07 "Human Nature"
08 "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)"
09 "The Lady in My Life"

If used then pl. credit us full with blogspot.com at the end.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gosssip Girl Season 2 (request)

Gosssip Girl Season 2:
Episode 1: Summer Kind of Wonderful
Episode 2: Never Been Marcused
Episode 3: The Dark Night
Episode 4: The Ex-Files
Episode 5: The Serena Also Rises
Episode 6: New Haven Can Wait
Episode 7: Chuck in Real Life
Episode 8: Pret-a-Poor-J
Episode 9: There Might be Blood
Episode 10: Bonfire of the Vanity
Episode 11: The Magnificent Archibalds
Episode 12: It's a Wonderful Lie
Episode 13: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?
Episode 14: In the Realm of the Basses
Episode 15: Gone with the Will
Episode 16: You've Got Yale
Episode 17: Carnal Knowledge
Episode 18: The Age of Dissonance
Episode 19: The Grandfather
Episode 20: Remains of the J
Episode 21: Seder Anything
Episode 22: Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Episode 23: The Wrath of Con
Episode 24: Valley Girls
Episode 25: The Goodbye Gossip Girl

Episode 14 & 25 links will be up soon!

Credit - disneysource1.blogspot.com

If you use the links then please credit the original uploader.

Gossip Girl Season 1(Request)

DVD Rip | iPod Ready

Episode 1 - Pilot

Episode 2 - The Wild Brunch

Episode 3 - Poison Ivy

Episode 4 - Bad News Blair

Episode 5 - Dare Devil

Episode 6 - The Handmaiden's Tale

Episode 7 - Victor, Victrola

Episode 8 - Seventeen Candles

Episode 9 - Blair Waldorf Must Pie!

Episode 10 -Hi, Society

Episode 11 - Roman Holiday

Episode 12 - School Lies

Episode 13 - The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate

Episode 14 - The Blair Bitch Project

Episode 15 - Desperately Seeking Serena

Episode 16 - All About My Brother

Episode 17 - Woman on the Verge

Thanks a lot to disneysource1.blogspot.com for the links!

Monday, September 7, 2009

DDS Special: Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits(Request)

The zip file contains these songs(in the picture above) as well as a few others.

Aliens in the Attic Movie Download(Request)















Requests,Requests and Requests!

Hi Ppl,

Sorry i couldnt update my blog. But Here are the requests u guys have been posting. i am getting them done one by one. But please cooperate since my studies r getting tougher and tougher i get less time to update my blog. So i will be updating my blog only on weekends.
Here is the list of requests by you all:

- Up & Aliens on the Attic Movie Download links
- Episodes of clone war
- Convert this to mp3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kq-4e50UpIU&feature=related
- Movie Soundtrack of Clinque
- Disneymania Soundracks
- HOT CHICK movie
- Hannah Montanna: Best of Both Worlds Concert
- hannah montana episode: he could be the one in mp4
- Rip - http://www.myspace.com/brittanynicoleofficial
- Michael jackson's albums
- Hilary duff movie "Greta"
- John tucker must die in mp4 AND avi
- Strange Days at Blake Holsey High series
- iCarly season 2 in mp4
- Songs of Micheal Musso & Emily Osment

Please cooperate. Your requests will be put up soon!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Selena Gomez-Falling Down Official Music Video(HQ)

If used then please credit us - www.disneydownloadsource1.blogspot.com

Wizards Of Waverly Place The Movie Download(Full)

Download Here(link coming soon)

Hannah Montana The Movie Karoke Version

Download Here
credit -disneysource1.blogspot.com

Miley Cyrus The Time Of our Lifes Full Cd

The Time of Our Lives-EP
Miley Cyrus
List Of Songs:
Kicking And Screaming
Party In The USA
When I Look At You
The Time Of Our Lives
Talk Is Cheap
Before The Storm (Live)

If used then please credit us as- www.disneydownloadsource1.blogspot.com

Hi Guys

Sorry for not posting!! Ur requests will be answered sonn. I stopped updating it because of my studies. But i peomise that from 23rd Septermber this blog will be updated daily! But for now, i will post some of the new posts like Mileys new album, Wizards Movie, and much more! So please keep visiting!

Thanks For your Support! U guys Rock! Keep requesting and keep visiting!


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